Thanks for a very interesting year, my students! I will keep up this site for a while. Check out those SAT prep links!

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Click here to download the CLASS SYLLABUS!

Email me with questions!
(kweaver at philasd dot org)

Students are also invited to talk to me at school or fill out a Communique form and put it in the file crate in Room 201.

Class Schedule
The class meets in Room 201 on the C-band schedule:
12:50 - 1:50 PM
1:54 - 2:54 PM

7:50 - 8:50 AM
8:54 - 9:54
Outside regular class hours, Miss Kim can be found in the Newcomer Learning Academy, Room 143. If you would like help before or after school or during your lunch period (Thursdays only), please let me know. No appointment is necessary.

Class Materials
The following materials are REQUIRED for this course:

- We will use 3 sections (Notes/Handouts, Returned Homework/Quizzes/Tests, and Project work) in a three-ring binder. I will periodically check each student's binder to ensure that they are up to date on notes and work. You can use the same binder you are using for other classes, but you must have at least 3 sections for Geometry.
- 3-ring binder paper (college ruled preferred)
- always bring a pencil and an eraser to class
- Student Planner or other calendar: students are required to have (and use!) their student planner to record assignments, tests, and other important dates.

Students are not required to purchase or bring any special calculator. We will be using drawing tools (compass, protractor, rulers, etc.) but they are not required at this time.